Chemin De Fer

A popular choice worldwide but hands down the most popular variation of Baccarat in New Zealand, Chemin De Fer is an RTG powered traditional card game at Casino Midas that attracts many players for its classic and vintage appeal. It is actually the original setup of the game, and all other variations are based on this version.

How to Play Chemmy

Also known as Chemmy or French Baccarat, a 52-card standard deck is shuffled and two cards are given to you and two are given to the Dealer. You want your hand’s value to be as close to nine as possible. The hands are flipped up and compared immediately if at least one of the hands total either eight or nine. If neither hand has either total, you can request a third card. In this case, the dealer can opt to receive another card as well, and the three cards are pitted against each other. Three cards per hand is the maximum. If the dealer’s hand is closer to nine, you lose your wager. If yours is, you double your wager. If the two of you tie, you get your wager back.

How to Win

When you are trying to decide whether you want to request that third card or not, you have to consider the dealer. If, upon receiving the third card, your hand beats the Dealer’s two cards, the dealer can also draw a third and beat your hand. Therefore, if you are dealt a value of six or higher, many players opt to pass on the third card. If it is a value of five or lower, many will choose to have the third dealt. However, this variation of Baccarat is tailored specifically to give you a lot of control over your hand, so strategy varies player to player, and no set system is full proof.

Chemmy now and for free!

Chemin De Ferr at Casino Midas is a virtual variation of the internationally and historically enjoyed Baccarat. Baccarat is a game with roots that date back over 500 years! Join the many casino players that already enjoy this fast-paced, double or nothing style betting outlet. You can immediately start playing without downloading any software. Our casino in fact aims to grant you a gaming experience that is as immediate as the real casino one with some small difference: you can play baccarat and all our other games completely for free!