Craps online

The origins of the game

The game of craps has always been a favorite for players at land casinos, drawn to the sounds of excitement coming from the craps table. However, this game has quite far origins and passed through a long evolution before becoming what we know today.

Craps as we know it today is a simplification of the ancient English game of “hazard”. Its origins may date back to the Crusaders era and after several developments a new American version of craps was created that still exists today.

Before becoming one of the most loved games by casino players, craps was played on the streets and it is reported to have been very appreciated by soldiers during the great wars of the last centuries.

On the online gaming era, the fun and rewards of this popular game is available at the player’s fingertips thanks to the introduction of online craps at leading online casinos such as New Zealanders don’t have to travel long distances to play craps at land casinos, they can simply play online craps (even for free!) and reap the rewards in the process.


The basics of the game

Craps can be played by multiple or a single player betting against the casino. Usually it is played on a flat oval table (craps table) and just two dice. You don’t get more basic than that!

The objective of craps is to bet on the outcome of the roll of dice, with the online player usually the one placing bets and rolling the dice (known as the ‘shooter’).

As such, craps is played by making a bet and watching the outcome of the dice. If you’re lucky and have made a good bet, you’ll also be paid out.

Playing Online Craps at Casino Midas

Craps is a game of chance which means that you don’t have to spend hours honing your skills or practicing a basic strategy.

Instead, all you need to do is familiarize yourself with the basic craps rules, betting table and the payout odds.

A minimum effort and you will be able to head to the online craps tables at Casino Midas! Once there, we recommend you to practice for free and then switch to real money online craps when you’re good and ready. And don’t forget to visit our casino lobby for more games!