Match Play 21

The casino card game of blackjack has been described as the perfect combination between skill and chance, and is played by millions of fans around the world who seek out this game at land and online casinos. The basic premise of most blackjack games is the same: to beat the dealer’s hand by getting a card number value as near to 21 as possible, without exceeding that number. Several different variants of blackjack are offered in many casinos online, suited to the tastes and skill levels of players. One of the variants of blackjack found at is known as Match Play 21 (sometimes also known as Spanish 21).

What Makes Match Play 21 Unique

In many ways, Match Play 21 is played as close to the original rules of blackjack as we know them today. The game is played against the dealer, with the objective being the same – to create the best hand of cards without exceeding 21 and to beat the dealer. However, what makes this version unique is the fact that all the ten cards have been removed from the decks, although the Jack, Queen and King cards are retained. While this, on the one hand, makes it more difficult to hit a blackjack (21), there are other ways to enjoy top payouts in this blackjack variant.

Match Play 21 Rules

The rules of Match Play 21 include:

  • The dealer has to stand on a ‘hard’ seventeen.
  • The dealer has to stand on a soft eighteen.
  • Surrendering is allowed at all stages of the game.
  • Players are not allowed to split on more than three hands. In addition, no blackjack can be won on a split hand.
  • Players are allowed to double down once per hand.
  • Hitting is only allowed after a split.
  • The splitting of aces is allowed.
  • Players cannot claim rewards on a triple seven reward after a double down or split.


To enjoy top rewards, it is important for players to check out payout percentages and understand which hands pay out the most. For example, forming a blackjack from two cards in the first hand comes with a 3:1 return on the player’s bet. By landing three sevens in the player’s hand and a single seven in the dealer’s hand, players will enjoy returns of 40:1! This is known as the Match Play 21 payout and is highly sought after, as can be understood. Other payouts include 3:1 on a triple sevens in all spades, a 6, 7 and 8 combination in all spades, or a total of 21 from seven cards or more. Payouts of 2:1 are the result of a 6, 7 and 8 card combination, for example, as well as 21 comprised of six cards. Neither the dealer nor the player wins or loses if there is a tie (or push). A winning insurance bet will also pay 2:1. When playing Match Play 21 with six decks of cards, the house edge is approximately 0.76%.

Match Play 21 Tips

As with all blackjack variants, in order to enjoy higher returns on Match Play 21, it is very important to learn the basic strategy of the game. This will significantly lower the house edge and see you benefit from greater payouts. Because Match Play 21 is a game of skill, it is very possible to alter the odds and enjoy higher rewards as a result. Among the most common advice for Match 21 is to always split aces. It is not a good idea to split if you have a pair of suited sevens. You can have a look at some general blackjack tips that Casino Midas collected fro its NZ players in order to understand the basics. Good Luck!