Punto Banco

Baccarat is a favourite game among many NZ betters in both physical and online casino floors alike, and no variation compares in terms of widespread popularity like the Punto Banco variation, known also as American Baccarat.


The only control you have over whether or not you win or lose is guessing who is going to win this popular table game, or whether or not your hand is going to tie with the dealer’s. Out of a standard deck, four cards are dealt, two to the dealer and two to you. Your hand wins if your total card value is closer to nine than the dealer’s. If either initial two-card hands have a value total of an eight or a nine, the hands are compared and the game ends there. If not, then a third card is drawn by either you, the dealer, or both. You bet based on what you think is going to happen with the final hands. You can guess that your hand will win or the dealer’s. If you’re right, you double your money. You can also guess that there will be a tie, in which case you win nine times that bet. You can place individual bets for each.

Third Card Draw

The third card is automatically drawn for you and the dealer based on a set value structure. You get a third card if you are dealt two cards that have a value of zero through five, but not if they are any higher than that. The dealer gets a third card based on the player’s third card. They get one either way if their total is less than two, and they stand if their hand totals seven. Otherwise, the banker gets a card decided by your draw following a universally set mathematical formula based on odds.

Play Punto Banco at Casino Midas

Punto Banco is a Baccarat variation that players are drawn to for the fact that it is based purely off of luck and the fact that you can place three separate bets. Casino Midas has this variation as well as others (for example Chemmy) available for flash, mobile, and downloaded play.